Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Visits Florence

Happy Friday, Dan Wells writing...I hope this note finds you well and in good spirits. Today's blog is my tribute good ole Florence!

If you have ever talked to anyone who doesn't live in or near Cincinnati and you mention that you live around Florence, Kentucky chances are pretty good that the first thing to leave their mouth will be "Oh, by the Florence, Y'all water tower?"

Yep, that's it!
But these days, good old Florence has a lot more to offer than just its infamous tower.

Florence has a newly remodeled Mall Road, and a ton of new stores inside the mall, (my wife loves these new stores...and what makes her happy makes me happy) including H&M and Sephora, which has now made its home on the second floor of JCPenny's.

If you happen to be shopping with kids in tow, take a break and enjoy a visit with one of the best Santas in the city.

Disclaimer: He looks real, he sounds real, sometimes I question him myself.

After working up an appetite,(you have to eat after shopping or at least that's my reasoning) your choices for lunch and dinner have broadened, there's a new Chick-Fil-A, Chili's, City Barbeque, and Chipolte on Burlington Pike across from the Boone County Library.....Giddy UP!!!!

So the next time someone makes the reference between Florence and the water tower, be sure to let them know that this great little community has quite a lot to offer!

Happy Holidays - and welcome to Florence Y'all


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