Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Brutal 20 Mile Training Run

This past Saturday I had to run 20 miles, as I train for the Columbus Marathon.
Hey everyone. Rob here.
I wasn't looking forward to it. Not at all.
This isn't my first marathon, so I know how the 20 mile training run can punish you.

It's physical and mental torture, and no crowds to help you along.

My training partner who I will refer to as 2:39 Boston, decided we should with a group.

So 7 Saturday morning, we met dozens of runners at a local church. They were with Bob Roncker's Running Spot.
It's really Cincinnati best source when it comes to running shoes and marathon advice.

It was a beautiful slightly chilly morning. After July and August, the weather was like seeing an old classmate again after summer break. Actually had a smile on my face as I started tackling the miles. A nervous smile, but a smile nonetheless.

Like the weather, running with the group was a welcome change. The extra company and conversation made time and the miles fly by.
Honestly during the run, I kept expecting the bottom to fall out. It really didn't. It did get tough at mile 15. That's when the group runners ended their run. 2:39 Boston and I had another 5 miles.
As we headed out, I did start feeling a little sorry for myself. However once we got going, I found my groove. This is until mile 18. I started feeling weak and a little dizzy. At this point I started trailing Boston 2:39 by a few steps. I needed a sports drink. Unfortunately, I forgot to carry money. I ducked into a gas station and told the cashier my predicament. She was sympathetic and gave me a Gatorade. I immediately felt better, and the last 2 miles were relatively easy.
The brutal 20 mile training run is critical when I train for a marathon. This past Saturday I learned its not always brutal. I will try to remember that Sunday Oct. 17. Now the last 6.2 miles. That could be a different story.

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