Monday, August 9, 2010

Food, Reds, Friends, Chicago

What a weekend...what a weekend! Hi everybody, Frank Marzullo here...First, the weather low humidity and sunshine this weekend made it perfect, however would of been great to have our Reds at home this past weekend. They of course were in Chicago where they swept the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field which is a huge accomplishment as the second place Cardinals swing into Cincinnati this week. While the Queen City is certainly a jewel, I have to say Chicago is one of my favorite places to visit, and I think many of our neighbors here in Cincinnati would agree. I was up in the windy city for a friends wedding this weekend, at the beautiful Knickerbocker Hotel and I ran into so many Reds fans who were there to cheer on our Redlegs. It seemed every restaurant I went into someone said "Hey Frank, Go Reds! "

We stayed right down on Michigan avenue and the weather like here, was perfect, with a light breeze and a few high clouds, the city was alive. Walking the streets I actually ran into Thom Brennaman and Chris Welsh on Rush Street, after the Friday Reds broadcast. It was also a great weekend to run into my parents who were in Chicago for a a last min weekend, and they met a couple on the train from Cincinnati, who gave them two tickets to the Reds and Cubs on Friday, thank you Cincinnati people for taking care of mom and dad. So we met them on Saturday morning where I had one of my favorite meals of Chicken and Waffles at the Grand Lux on Michigan. While we are on food, I should just let it out, my favorite meal of the weekend was the veal milanese that I had at Rosebuds on Rush. Sooooo gooood! It melted in your mouth, and was so tasty! Yes, I am not afraid to say it...I LOVE FOOD...I LOVE TO EAT! ( Rob says I am going to hit rock bottom one day soon when I look in the monitor and see that I weigh a thousand pounds ) It was a great weekend to hang with my friends, see my Cincinnati friends and enjoy Chicago. Do you have a favorite place in the windy city for food or sight seeing?

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