Friday, August 6, 2010

Thank You For Your Service

Good morning, Sara Celi here.

I got into to work today and realized I would have the unhappy assignment of covering yet another Tristate soldier's return home after paying the ultimate price for freedom.

I've covered many of these in my career, and each one has touched me. I have such a respect for those who would make this kind of sacrifice. It makes my life pale by comparison.

So to all the military men and women in the Tristate--thank you for your service. It means so much. It means more than I could ever say.

On a side note----I get asked a lot by people, "How do you cover stuff like that and get through it?" It's always a tough answer. Stories like this are hard to deal with, and not at all enjoyable. The answer I usually give is that I try not to think about it in the moment. Instead, I wait until I get home before I allow myself to process what my day has been about. If I didn't, I would go crazy.

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