Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Thought I Was On Vacation!

For a lot of people, being on vacation means getting unplugged from the world. I was hoping for as much when I took off last week with my family, but it didn't quite happen the way I had planned.

Sheila here.
This is one of my favorite pictures of my children, Katie and Eric wandering on the beach in South Carolina. I love these quiet moments, just tagging behind them as they play in the surf and enjoy the setting sun.

But a certain Cincinnati contest made me plug back into reality, and I'm having a blast with it.

For as long as I've been in Cincinnati, I've been celebrating our city's German heritage with our Oktoberfest parties, and the first one with which I was ever directly involved was the Germania Society Oktoberfest. Those people know how to have fun, and they know how to make friends. I am fortunate to be counted among those friends!

Ten years ago, my freundin asked me to serve as the honorary Bürgermeister, the person who gets to tap the first keg of Oktoberfest. It was a blast, and I was thrilled when the folks at Germania Society told me that all of the past Bürgermeisters would be back this year for the 40th anniversary of the celebration. Little did I know it meant an election! I've never been very good at campaigning, but while I was on vacation last week, I realized I'd better get good at it to win the Bürgermeister honor this year.

The vote is underway, and I feel like I'm in the fight of my life! Thank Heaven for Twitter and Facebook, or I would have had no way to get out the vote while I was on vacation. Really I should thank my plugged-in daughter Katie, who couldn't leave home without her laptop computer! That was how I found out the battle was on. My husband Ric, the true competitor of our family, made me sit down a couple of times a day at the computer and campaign. I don't have interns clicking away during the Fox 19 Morning News or accordion bands trucking in volunteers to our studio. I only have you!

So now that I'm back in my home sweet hometown, I'm asking for your help! This thing is a marathon, and I have to keep getting votes through August 28th to make my boss here at Fox 19 proud. If I win, I'm sure my German ancestors will be smiling down as I tap that keg at Germania Park. And I hope I don't wear you out too much with my campaign for your votes!

Please vote now, and vote often at
And come on out to Germania Oktoberfest on August 28th, so I can raise a toast with you and all of our German friends! Prost! And danke schön!

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