Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Smart Money Community Services

Hosted an awards ceremony and event for Smart Money Community Services.

Happy Tuesday. Rob here.
I knew very little about this organization before I arrived yesterday afternoon. Simply Money's Nathan Bachrach asked me to help out, so I said yes. His colleague, Ed Finke was the keynote speaker. I'm glad I said yes.
Smart Money provides very important services to underserved people in Over-the-Rhine and other Cincinnati neighborhoods. It helps families become more powerful, secure and financially independent.

It offers financial education with workshops, seminars and one on one counseling. Smart Money also offers free tax preparation services and entrepreneurship training. It also has a matched savings incentive program which allows participants to get help saving for a home, continued education, or to start a small business.

I heard 4-success stories yesterday of people who now have financial sercurity thanks to Smart Money. Find out more, volunteer or donate. www.smart-money.org

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