Monday, August 2, 2010

Downtown Dash

Its a 5K race that many feel is quickly becoming a Cincinnati classic.
Hey it's Tuesday and my day to blog.
Rob here and I'm running the Dash this Friday.
It started just 3 years ago and it celebrates everything Cincinnati.
It kicks off at St. Xavier Church downtown. The 5K race travels up Gilbert toward Eden Park. An example of the many challenging hills runners around here tackle.

After the race there's a huge block party.

It features beer from Christian Moerlein. Food from LaRosa's Nada, Graeters, and fantastic waffles from Belgium transplant Jean-Francois Flechet.
Cincinnati favorite the Websters will perform and entertain the crowd.
There's even a cornhole tournament. How Cincinnati is that.

However, the thing that makes the Dash and block party so Cincinnati is its mission.
All proceeds help agencies and services that improve the life of and lives in downtown.

As Father Eric Knapp says, "It's not a fundraiser for the parish but a friend-raiser for the city. (I was going to steal that line and claim it as my own, but for decided against it.)

Hopefully, this blog entry is enough to get you thinking of checking out the Downtown Dash and Block Party Friday.
If not, maybe my co-anchor this week can convince you. Meghan Mongillo is running the race and we know how many fans follow her. She and I will also hand out awards to the top finishers.
Check out the Downtown Dash and Block Party this Friday from 5 to 11. There's even an after party at Arnold's, Cincinnati's oldest tavern.

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