Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kings Island making a major announcement later today.

Good Tuesday morning. Rob here.

The park planning on holding a new conference today. The subject: A new ride.

It will be taller than the park's newest ride, the Diamondback (which is awesome by the way.) The Diamondback is 230 feet tall. That's as tall as a 23 story building. We are hearing that it is going be 100 feet tall than the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island. That would make it 415 feet tall. That's almost as tall as the 5th 3rd building on Fountain Square.

The ride will open next year, and its probably not going to be anther roller coaster. Many people think the ride will be a star flyer. The last time Kings Island debuted at new ride was back in 2009. The 22 million dollar Diamondback. I had the chance to ride it a couple of weeks ago and it did not disappoint. Its the smoothest coaster I have ever been on. We had to dodge rain showers and only got on 3 coasters but still worth the visit. However, I may now be too told for "The Beast."

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