Friday, January 14, 2011

Do we work too much? answer is YES!!!!!!!


Dan Wells writing, I hope this note finds you all well and in good spirits!

Does anyone else feel like they work way too much and need a vacation?
If your answer is this article from Seattle below.
A new United Nations report says Americans really are working more.

U.S. workers have increased their substantial lead over Japan and all other industrial nations in the number of hours worked each year, according to a report issued by the International Labor Organization.

It found that Americans added nearly a full week to their work year during the 1990s. They worked 1,979 hours on average last year -- that's 49 1/2 weeks.

That's 137 more hours or 3 1/2 weeks more per year than Japanese workers, 260 hours (about 6 1/2 weeks) more per year than British workers and 499 hours (12 1/2 weeks) more per year than German workers, the report said.


And then there's the French. They just passed a law trimming the hours in the workweek.

In the mid-1990s the United States surpassed Japan and since then pulled even further ahead.....GRRRRRRR

In contrast...many economists say the number of hours Americans work each year may begin to level off now that many automakers and other manufacturers have reduced the amount of overtime assigned in light of the economic slowdown.

Among the reasons for the large differences between the United States and other countries are that Europeans typically take four to six weeks of vacation each year, while Americans take two to three weeks.

Then, there's France.

While American employers kept adding overtime during the 1990s, in France the government reduced the official workweek to 35 hours with the aim of pressuring companies to hire more workers.

But there may be another benefit. French workers are actually more productive per hour than Americans, the report said.

So, perhaps in the interest of higher productivity, we need to take a holiday....HAPPY FRIDAY!

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