Monday, January 10, 2011

Time To Get Back To Work

My holidays are finally over! Good morning everyone...Frank here...I hope all is well? Today marks my cleansing, NEW YEAR and better focus on healthy eating. I know this sounds like a resolution but it is now, I am calling it my lifestyle change, not a diet, not a fitness routine, but more focused everyday living. I sound so deep!!! Just with the holidays and then my trip to Florida I just feel like I need to slow down now and get some sleep! Florida was great though, with temperatures in the 70 degree range. I made a big mistake, I should know better, but our first day I headed down to the beach and it was a sunny day, with a slight breeze, and about 73 degrees. It felt great and comfy so I applied some sunscreen but did not think about putting more on because I never really got hot, but WOWZERS I had a really bad sunburn! Yikes...I had to aloe up and take it easy! However, besides that trip was relaxing and enjoying. I did however miss Mr. Benson but I thank my co-anchor Tracey Johnson and the family for watching Mr. Benson he spent time with her dogs Bosco and Diego! They had a great time I think to much of a good time because he slept all night last night and has been passed out on his chair for most of the time we have been home. Well now it is time to get back to work, we are TRACKING A WINTER STORM for Tuesday morning with moderate snow on the way...TRACK THE LATEST here

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