Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Italian Traditions Part Duex

Obviously, I'm not Italian.

However Frank and his dad Frank Sr. allowed me to take part in their family tradition. We made sausage from scratch. It happened this past Saturday at Dr. Deb's house in Anderson Township. I was a little skeptical. How much fun can be had making sausage. Can't we just go to the store and buy some. Well, it was so really fun. Dr. Deb bought 20-pounds of meat from Kroger and Son's at Findlay Market. It was seasoned into two batches, one spicy one sweet. I was the best sausage ever, probably because I saw the entire process. So thank you to Frank Sr. and to Dr. Deb and her husband Max for hosting. Dr. Deb put together this video that documents the evening which was capped off by watching "The Godfather II" In my opinion, one of the few movies where the sequel tops the original. You can find Dr. Deb's video on my facebook page www.facebook.com/RobWxix

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