Monday, January 3, 2011

Pork Loin To Ring In New Year

It pains me to say that I love Michigan! No not the football team, BUCKS all the way, but the state. I rang in 2011 with my best friends and there children up at there river house on the St. Joseph River which is in southwest Michigan just north of South Bend, Indiana. It is a classic small town atmosphere, in fact was voted most Romantic City in all of Michigan. I did not partake in that since it was just Uncle Frank on the visit, but my friends and there kids Cooper and Sullivan did venture down to Lake Michigan, imagine sustained winds of about 30 mph and sand whipping off the dunes into your face. WOW...we could only stomach about 5 mins was it was beautiful. We wrapped up New Years with my famous pork tenderloin! You butterfly a pork tenderloin leaving the ends closed so you can pack it full of goodness. You need to sprinkle it with sea salt and pepper then put chopped apples, goat cheese, and cloves of garlic inside of it. Then you lay pieces of pancetta on top of the opening and wrap it up and tie it. Then rub the pork with more pepper and sea salt and olive oil. Lay it in a pan and pour your favorite white wine on top of it and place rosemary and extra apples in the wine. Then bake it in a oven at 365 degrees until cooked to your liking. Slice up and enjoy!!!!

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