Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let It Snow, Let It Snow

We have reached our seasonal snowfall averages, so it's time now for sunny and 70 degrees, correct? Not so much! Hi Everybody Frank Here...After above average snow in December with 16.2 inches, and a snowy start to 2011, this seems like the winter that will never end. We are already above average for our January snowfall as we have reached 5.4 inches that is 3 inches above average for the month. So where do we stand for the season, it is impressive, 22.2 inches and that is 14 inches above average. The tri-state averages 23 inches for the entire season so needless to say our snow totals this season will be well above average. Another side note right now just about every state in our country is reporting snow on the ground in some spots and this includes the state of Hawaii. The only state without snow is Florida, so the bright side we are not the only ones dealing with this very snowy and cold winter.

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