Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fountain Square for Spring and Summer

I was walking downtown this weekend and remembered how much I love Fountain Square.
Hey everyone. Rob here.

The square was packed for Cincy Cinco. There were people doing the samba (I think) in front of a live band. There were entire families enjoying the weather, music and food. There were all kinds of mobile food vendors, including one that was selling arepas. Those are a corn cake that can be stuffed with cheese or meat. Very popular dish in Venezuela and the rest of Latin America. If you missed Cincy Cinco don't worry. There are events planned on the square all summer. Coming up this Friday is Bella Vita. Its a wine tasting event that will feature $1 tastings. You can choose from 60 types of wine. You can also listen to live music as local bands offer free performances. If that's not your thing, what about the "Fish Toss." This event is inspired by Pike's Place Market in Seattle. Teams of four people have 60 seconds to toss whole, raw fish from person to person down a 50 foot course. After watching or taking part in that you can check out one of the restaurants nearby. My suggestion the tuna crudo at Palomino or the wood fired pizza at Vie Vite. There are a ton of things happen on the square as the weather gets warmer. Thought this blog could be a good jumping off point. Find out more http://www.myfountainsquare.com/

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