Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Why Are You Limping??

I got that question all day yesterday.

Hello everyone. Rob here.

I ran my 11th marathon on Sunday. My hometown marathon; the flying pig.

It was rough. Fun but rough. I thought it would be easier. If you asked me how training was going in February and March, I would have said, "Fantastic!" I had some great 18, 19, and 20 mile runs. In fact, I have never had this many long runs so early in my training. I felt stronger and faster. Confident that I would post a faster time than the Columbus marathon which was a personal record. Then came April. I was over trained and mentally beat up. I was also injured. My hip was killing me and it wasn't healing. So on Sunday, I decided to pull back a little. I will just run with the 3:15 pace team. That's doable right? Ah, No. Can't keep up. The same thing happened with the 3:20, 3:25, 3:30, 3:45, and finally the 4:00 pace team. Each step becoming more painful. This was a different marathon for me. Usually, I running out of gas is the problem. This time the tank was full, but the car was broken. Honestly, I was thinking of giving up. Luckily (or Unluckily) I had a friend waiting for me at mile 22. Ironically the same person who trained me for my fastest marathon, was waiting to bring me to the finish line in my slowest marathon. You may remember him from my previous blogs: "2:39 Boston marathon" Actually had it not been for him, I probably would not had finished. I did though with a time of 4:08. My slowest marathon ever. 30 minutes slower than my first marathon. More than an hour slower than 6 months ago when I ran Columbus. I'm fine with it. My goal was to complete my 11th marathon in 2011. I did that. Now I'm resting. That is until I train for Boston but that doesn't start until November.

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