Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Good morning, and happy Thursday, Katy here! Mothers Day is just around the corner, and hopefully the dry weather will hold out to be outside enjoying the day with your mom! (Partly cloudy and low 70s for Sunday as of this morning!) Funny that Mother’s Day is the same time of year that high school and college graduations are. In fact, if I remember correctly, I think Mother’s Day WAS my college graduation day. What better gift for a mother than to see her son/daughter succeed in education? I was thinking back to my high school graduation, and how proud my parents were of me… but it was also around that time that my mom and I’s relationship became much stronger. I was going to college 16 hours away from my family, so it was a big step for me. Some of my friends wondered how I could stay so far away from home. Sure it was hard to say “good bye” when my family was dropping me off for the first day of college.. I think my mom and I cried an hour before we parted ways. But to me it was ok, because she was always just a phone call away. I still talk to her every day, mostly about wedding stuff right now! We’re having a blast and can’t wait for the big day in October! Love ya, Mom.. Happy Mother’s Day!

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