Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day / Warming Up

Good Morning...How was Mother's Day? Marzullo Here...I hope you all had a great day with mom, my mother Ruthie came down to visit and we had a really nice day with temperatures warming to near 70 degrees it was a great day for some brunch and the zoo! No I did not get her a pumpkin for Mother's Day this is just the only picture I have on my computer here at the office. Speaking of brunch you must try the banana foster french toast at Tellers in Hyde Park! Sooooo Good!!! My mom is great and has supported me in everything I have done and want to do so I thank her so much! She has even been a good sport with some of my high maintenance behavior!! HAHAHA .... After a wonderful weekend we are looking at a really nice week with temperatures warming into the low to mid-80's by Wednesday. Our average high is 72 degrees, so after a chilly week last week in the mid-50's Mother Nature is giving us a break this week. So make plans to get outside in the evening and after work this week you will not regret it. However, we do have a rain chance especially Tuesday morning and then late on Thursday otherwise not a bad trend this week!

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