Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail

Good morning, and happy Thursday! Katy here… One day last week, Tom and I went biking along the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail, and we had a great time! This has always been one of my favorite things to do on a sunny afternoon, and I’m so happy that Cincinnati has some great bike trails to offer. We’ve already biked the Loveland bike trail, which we really enjoyed. But last week, we ventured to Newtown and got on the bike trail to Milford. In fact, we almost made it to the I 275 loop before we had to turn around. Our goal is to ride the entire 80 miles of trail (broken up across different days, of course). I really enjoy that the trail is a “rails to trails” bike trail, in that it use to be an railroad. It’s fun to ride along the trail, finding old parts of the railroad that are still there today. I’ll be sure to write about the next leg of the trail when we ride it!

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