Friday, July 8, 2011

Never Before, Definitely Again!

Never Before, Definitely Again!

Good Friday Morning! Dan Wells writing, I hope this note finds you well and in good spirits!

My kids have never been the bravest in the bunch. (read below)

-Thunderstorms typically result in sleepless nights.
-The cute cow at Chick-Fil-A, leaves my kids freaked out, they're on the other side of the restaurant when she playfully comes to say hello.
-Doctors and dentists... my wife and I actually break into a sweats when I think about how they are going to react when we get there.

So when we made the plans for our adventurous, thrill-seeking 'family-day-out' at Kings Island, I'm not going to lie and tell you I wasn't a little nervous. I was big nervous BIG TIME!

We packed our bags, through naps out the window, and off we went to Kings Island for a big day of fun, it was our first time taking them to any type of amusement park and having them ride on any type of ride. (it sounds like we've kept them under a rock, doesn't it?!).

Considering the fact that my older daughter didn't go down a slide by herself until after she was two years old. (due to pure fear) My wife and I pictured ourselves being the parents of the 'screamers' on all the kiddie rides.

But thankfully, I can say I was worrying for no reason. No whining, no fussing, no nothing. They absolutely loved every second! You name it, they rode it.

These faces sum up the whole day!

After we finished with all the rides, we headed over to the enormous water park, where they continued on with no fear to the water slides, raft rides, & pirate ships, needless to say it was so much fun! Not only was I so glad they enjoyed themselves, but I think I had more fun today than I did when I was a kid myself and I can't wait to take them again! Who would have ever thought?

Happy weekend, friends! Be safe!

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