Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wedding Weekend Number 2 ( of 5 )

Good morning, and happy Thursday! Katy here… back from a nice long 4 day break this past weekend. In the past, I’ve attended just a handful of weddings. But people warned me, one day… all of your friends will get married around the same time! I guess it’s time. I’ve got 5 weddings this year, (including my own!) and I couldn’t be happier to attend them all! I just got back from the 2nd of 5 last weekend. My very good friend, and sorority sister from college, got married in her hometown of Nevada Missouri.
It was a bonus that Nevada isn’t too far from my family in Kansas City, so I got to see them too! Tom and I had a great time in Nevada, though. I got to see friends I haven’t seen in 3 years! The ceremony in her hometown church was beautiful and touching, and the reception was fun! I even went out back to snap a few photos in the corn field! All in all, it was a great little vacation. The countdown to wedding number 3 in August is on…

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