Monday, July 11, 2011

Saturday On The Little Miami

If anyone knows me, while I love the outdoors, when it comes to camping and the woods I have never been a huge fan. I was never one of those kids who would go and chase frogs and eat dirt, but I do have a appreciation for the beauty of nature and relaxing in the great outdoors. Marzullo here, and this weekend I explored the gorgeous Fort Ancient River Valley Gorge, just north of Mason. We rented canoes from the good people at Morgans Canoe Livery and we started paddling down the river. We opted for the old town canoe which I guess is more stylish, none the less it was the perfect way to spend a sunny and comfortable Saturday afternoon. You can choose several trips we decided to go with the 9 mile track that takes you close to downtown Morrow. Every three miles you could pull off from a bathroom break or enjoy the campground areas, we opted to pull off in little secluded areas shaded by trees, and we enjoyed our packed lunch. It was tad more difficult at the start, we were trying to get our pacing down and who would paddle on what end, so yes we ran into some rocks and my girlfriend got hit by a tree branch but I swear it was not my fault. I have included a video link that my friend posted of me basically taking my canoe right into a tree. Click here: ... So if you want to try something new I highly recommend a trip to Morgans.

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