Monday, November 8, 2010

How Was Your Weekend?

Good Morning Everyone,
How was your weekend? Did you stay warm? Sunday morning we got down to a chilly 22 degrees! Brrrrrr ... Meteorologist Frank Marzullo here, get ready for a nice warming trend this week into the mid to upper 60's. Well I did a little traveling this weekend, I headed up to Youngstown, Ohio where I spent 7 years working and making live loAdd Imageng friends. It's fun to head back to places where you used to call home and go to places as a visitor, you see things in a different light. The weekend consisted of a little Japanese Steak House on Friday night and then I met up with my old co-anchor Scott on Saturday, by the way have you had the mac and cheese yet at Panera? So good! Anyway it was just a nice relaxing weekend with old friends, and then the drive back was exciting, as my Cleveland Browns beat up the New England Patriots in Cleveland yesterday! Now on to our Bengals...Who Dey!

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