Friday, November 5, 2010

Pricey Turkey

Good Morning....Dan Wells writing!
I hope this note find you well and good spirits on this Friday. My blog today is all about's one of my favorite holiday's because you don't have the stress of presents. It's about good food and family/friends getting together. Now here's where I'm going to complain.
The price of a tom turkey is 33 percent higher than a year ago, soaring from an average of 79 cents to $1.05 a pound, according to figures compiled by The Food Institute. That adds about $4 to the price of a 16-pound bird.

WHAT? Add to that a 17 percent increase in the price of potatoes (from $3.50 to $4 for a 5-pound bag) and a 41 percent jump in the price of pecan halves (from $4.25 to $6 per pound), and you'll probably shell out more at the supermarket for your holiday feast. SAY IT'S NOT SO......PLEASE!!!!!!! Also seeing increases: Canned pumpkin (6 percent) and onions (23 percent). OK HERE'S SOME GOOD NEWS????? Some prices have fallen: celery (down 35 percent), frozen carrots (down 5 percent), canned apples (down 12 percent), canned green beans (down 6 percent), canned corn (down 8 percent) and fresh cranberries (down 3 percent).

Over all, the cost of the average Thanksgiving dinner is around $45, just a little food for thought!
I know it’s a bit early but, I wish you a joyous, delicious, and thanks-filled Thanksgiving holiday and weekend. Enjoy your Turkey and trimmings even if it is out-of-control expensive! GRRRRR!!!! Let me know what you think! Happy Turkey Day! Dan

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