Monday, November 15, 2010

Rump Roast and Church

Good Morning Everyone, How was the weekend? Frank Marzullo here and on Saturday evening my FOX19 News Morning Xtra co-host and I spent the night with some new friends at St. Catherine's over on the west side. It was there annual school fundraiser and auction evening. The theme was Dancing With The Stars and there was some serious dancing going on. Tracey and I did not cut a rug, but we did run the auction and let me tell you I think Tracey missed her calling, she is a great auctioneer. The parents of St. Catherines opened up there hearts and wallets for the kids and there school. We had a great night and thank everyone for coming out. Then on Sunday morning I woke up nice and early, and I made my first crock pot meal. I had purchased a crock pot on Saturday and then on Sunday I slow roasted a rump roast for 7 hours. I layered onions and taters on the bottom of the crock pot, then rubbed kosher salt and lemon pepper on the roast. I also rubbed it with rosemary and thyme. I then sliced slits in the beef and inserted garlic cloves. I placed roast in the pot and added beef stock and cooked on low heat for 7 hours. The last hour I added baby carrots and let them cook with the roast. Then I sliced it and used the juice for gravy and it was sooooo good!!!

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