Monday, November 1, 2010

Frank's Halloween Night

What a evening for Trick or Treat! Hi Everyone...Frank Marzullo here...are you brushing your teeth a little bit longer this morning? I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween, I spent the evening with some of my friends including Dan Wells and new mommy Corey McConnell. We spent the late afternoon watching the Bengals loose and then got ready to hand out candy and take the kids out for Trick or Treat. Uncle Frank, spent most of the time handing out candy as the Wells's and McConnell's took the kids out for tricks and treats. I have many memories of Trick or Treat as a child especially all my neighbors growing up who would do elaborate displays, in fact our neighbor growing up would break out his talking pumpkin man, it was pretty intense. However, what I though was really cool last night, was that all the neighbors in this Florence neighborhood would hang out on each others driveways with fire pits a blaze and candy at hand. It was a old school Halloween if Norman Rockwell could have a Halloween Picture, this would be it.

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