Friday, November 12, 2010

Want To Go Camping ?

I love to camp, and think it is so much fun when you do it in a big group. So I'm planning a trip to Winton Woods...sometime soon, and I thought you guys might want to see what I found.
First off, it seems like a great camping area within reasonable distances for most people that live all around the Tri-state. Winton Woods campgrounds are 25 per night, plus 2-5 dollars for your car permit ( Included in site rental is use of bathhouses and restrooms, 30amp electrical outlets for each site (I normally plug in a lamp and radio). You can also use the fishing lake and the playground too. Next issue is firewood. Most places offer wood for $10.00 per stack and a stack will normally last 4 hours or so. Depending on how many fires you build (1 on each site, one really big one for everyone to sit around together ect) I'm told most groups will need at least 2 stacks with no morning fire, and 3 if you want a morning fire. Just some quick info if a fall camping trip is in your future! I am looking forward to some s'mores, and hanging out with everyone around a good camp fire! Happy Camping Dan

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  1. Dan, this is a great follow up to your earlier post about trails you haven't hiked. :)