Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday Night Football

My first time ever. Hey everyone. Rob here.

I'm a little tired today. Even though the Bengals lost, it was worth it.

I made the smart decision to wait before heading down to Paul Brown Stadium. Didn't want to drag too badly today. Paul Brown Stadium was packed. There were a ton of Steelers fans, EVERYWHERE. I thought they would be annoying. Around me in Section132, they weren't. That was a nice surprise. Before kick off, I decided to walk all the way around to the other side of PBS. Wanted to actually see the story, I talked about all morning long. The new necklace of lights on the Roebling Suspension Bridge. After a 10 minute crowded walk, it was a little disappointing. I may have expected too much though. I was expecting something to remind me of the holidays. It didn't.

Back to the game. The seats were good. We could clearly see Bernard Scott fumble then turn over the ball in the opening kick off return. That was ugly.

After Bengals fans would cheer for the very modest victories. Like a 3 yard gain without fumble. Understandably low expectations after 5 straight losses. I admit I left in the middle of the 3rd. One of my producers said the Bengals tried to mount an impressive comeback in the 4th. In the end they fall short. Final score Bengals: 21 Steelers 27. I'm glad I went. It was the Bengals first MNF appearance in 3 years. After yesterday's performance who knows when they will be back.

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