Tuesday, July 31, 2012

24 hours in STL.

This weekend I made a quick road trip to St. Louis, MO. Good Tuesday to you, Brad here, over the weekend I attended the wedding of a fellow reporter here at FOX19, Cory Stark. I’ve known Cory and his wife Sarah for a couple of years and it was great to be a part of that day. Cory is from St. Louis and is a huge Cardinals fan, so what better way to show support on his wedding day than rocking a Brandon Phillips Reds jersey at the reception! Wearing a Reds jersey in St. Louis is risky enough; add to that a fan favorite, DatDubeBP. While Cory’s sense of humor allowed him to laugh and appreciate it, some of the folks at the reception didn’t quite get it and became a little hot and confrontational. I don’t care, I love trash talking and what better venue with a Phillips jersey, than St. Louis!

I stayed downtown and had a wonderful view of the arch, the old courthouse, and Busch stadium. I’ve never seen a game in STL but I have been to a DMB show with Willie Nelson at the ball park. Rob couldn’t make that one either. The stadium is pretty cool though, all the hall of fame statues out front really hammers home what great players have worn that uniform. We walked around and enjoyed some food and beverages in the historic riverfront landing with my cousin Katie who is going to grad school at Logan College of Chiropractic. She sure showed us how they party in LOU, thanks Kate.

On the way out town, about 36 miles East of St. Louis, in Highland Illinois sits the famous Blue Springs CafĂ©. Billboards along I-70 advertise for miles, “as featured on the Food Network,” so I had to stop. While it was nothing like what I expected or even wanted, it was good, and if you are with a group I recommend it. First off, it’s family style eating. So, come hungry.

On the Menu; fried or baked chicken, livers/gizzards, fried shrimp, homemade pork sausage, country ham, chicken fried steak, catfish fillets, baked Boston scord, chicken and dumplings, BBQ chicken, flat iron steak, fried walleye, roast pork, and roast beef. All items are served with cold and cold sides of beets, homemade slaw, green beans with pork and onions, mashed potatoes and gravy, and warm flaky biscuits. Holy stuffed stomach, Batman! Are you full yet? The food was excellent and you could really taste the love in the food. The restaurant is known for its pies, “The foot-hi-pie.” These suckers are huge and come in lemon meringue, chocolate, and cream.

Despite construction delays coming back and getting no sleep Sunday, it was worth it. What a great town, for the most part friendly people and good eats. Congratulations Cory and Sarah….Oh yeah, go REDS!

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