Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dan Wells Was Right!!

Washington Square Park is beautiful.
Good Tuesday morning everyone.  Dan Wells reported from the park a week ago Friday.  He couldn't stop talking about how great it looked.  His words prompted me to stop by shortly after, and I was truly impressed.  It was on a weekend, and it was unbearably hot.  The park was still packed with kids, their parents, people walking their dogs.  It was so great to see.  Not too long ago, I wouldn't have even thought about stopping by Washington Park.  Not during the day.  Never at night.  I would assume many of the people who filled the park felt like me.  These days it is a much different story.  Just a few blocks away is the Gateway Quarter, filled with restaurants, nightspots, coffee houses and other thriving businesses.  There is a new restaurant opening on near the park called "The Anchor."  It will be Race Street's second restaurant.  According to the website, wine dine me, it will be a urban seafood restaurant at 14th and Race.  The owner, Derek dos Anjos moved back to town from Brooklyn where is operated a similar restaurant.
A lot of great things are happening in Over-the-Rhine.  Come check it out.

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