Friday, July 13, 2012

It's A Shore Thing

Stephanie Here: Hi friends! Happy Friday! Hopefully you have some fun weekend plans. Hitting the pool? Headed up to Kings Island? How about the beach?
Okay, I know we’re pretty far. About 12 hours too far. But if you get the chance this summer, I’d suggest a trip to the Jersey Shore. Last weekend I was lucky enough to get away and stay at my boyfriend’s family’s house in Sea Isle City, NJ. It was such an amazing and relaxing weekend. Living in the Midwest, I don’t often get to see my family or my boyfriend’s family. But last weekend I got to see his brother and sister, their families, and his parents! I had a beach soccer match against Mike’s nephew Kyle (I got smoked by a 10-year-old), had coffee overlooking the bay with his mom Cheryl (just beautiful), and caught up on my gossip with his 8-year-old niece Lexi (I’d tell you who her current crush is but I said I wouldn’t…crossed my heart and hoped to die J). And of course what’s a trip to the shore without some seafood pasta, ice cream, and maybe a cold beer or two J
I know what you’re thinking. Soccer matches, ice cream, family fun, at the Jersey Shore? What about the drama? What about the all-night techno ragers? What about the tanned gorillas and guidettes? What about Snooki? Sorry to disappoint, but the truth is…the Jersey Shore isn’t that wild. I grew up going to the southern part of the shore outside of Philly, including Ocean City New Jersey, Cape May, and Avalon. My memories there had a lot more to do with riding the carousel than fist-pumping. So are there tacky t-shirt shops and crazy beach bars. Shore there are. But there are also a lot of fun, wholesome things to do with your family. No Orange Julius spray-tan required.
- Stephanie

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