Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tracey's Adventure

Hej Hej!

Tracey Johnson here....with my new favorite phrase from Sweden! It's how they greet you.
I sounds like hey, hey. I LOVE IT!

15 years ago, my husband and I never imagined that our children and their lives would take us on quite a journey.

How many times as a new parent are you told how children will change your life forever?
Oh, how true that is! And, oh my....what a ride it has been. Many ups and downs, never would I have changed a moment.

Three weeks ago, our 15 year old twin boys left for Europe to play soccer. So, my husband and I decided to surprise them for their tournament in Gotenburg, Sweden. I mean, any parent would do that for their children...right? :) It was the largest junior soccer tournament in the world. There were over 1700 teams from 80 countries. WOW! A CHANCE OF A LIFETIME!

The town of about a half a million is found on the west coast of Sweden. Absolutely beautiful, with some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. As a matter of fact, Kirk and I found ourselves having dinner with complete strangers, taking pictures with them and exchanging email addresses.

The shopping? Oh my! Some how I was able to find a little bit of time to do some damage in between soccer games. :)

For those of you that don't know me well, there is nothing I enjoy more in life than watching my kids do something they enjoy. And for my boys, it's soccer. Whether it be in Cincinnati, Ohio or Gotenburg, Sweden!

If you're looking for a vacation destination, I suggest Gotenburg, Sweden!

Ses senare!

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