Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Good Morning....Frank Here...Well summer is about over with Fourth of July here this week! Get ready to go back to school! Of course I am kidding but it seems like it's always a debate and maybe more mental than anything that once Fourth of July arrives it feels like summer break is half over. So my question to you is with the holiday on a Wednesday this year when do you consider it a holiday weekend this past weekend or the upcoming weekend? If I had to say, I would say this past weekend but with being able to take time off probably makes more sense to start Wednesday and then go into the weekend. However, no matter when you celebrate the heat is on with more HEAT ADVISORY and EXCESSIVE HEAT warnings remaining in effect the temperature will continue to feel above 100 degrees. As of today we have had 9 days of 90 degree heat or better with two of those days at 101 degrees. The other bad part of this heat is the dry trend we have seen. Even with some isolated strong storms the past few days we have not seen much in the way of beneficial water. We are around 4 inches down for the year and many local fireworks shows are in jeapordy do to the very dry conditions. So stay cool and find a pool and enjoy your holiday.

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