Monday, July 16, 2012

Thunder Roars, Go Indoors

The number may seem small compared to other weather related events that cause injury and death, but one death is to many. This year 11 people have been killed nationwide from lightning strikes with 2 coming this pass weekend. In Houston, Texas a group was taking part in afternoon soccer game when a storm moved in and 3 people took shelter under a tree, that is when they were struck killing 2 of them. It's another reminder how deadly lighting can be in a split second it can strike with little warning. A tree is the worst place you can take shelter, the best thing is to get indoors as quickly as possible. Now when we say indoors we do not mean a pavilion or a car port, you must be in shelter that has a roof and 4 enclosed walls. If a building is not near by then get into a car and shut the doors, also do not use any electronic devices, stay in the vehicle until the storm passes. The bottom line from the National Weather Service, is thunder roars, head indoors. Stay on top of changing weather by downloading our FOX19 Mobile App, its FREE!

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