Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Grocery Shopping

I stop by Kroger almost everyday before work.

Hey everyone. Rob here.

Most people think it's crazy that I stop by Kroger before work. First because it's so early. Before work for me is around 3 a.m. They also think it's crazy because of the frequency. I stop by Kroger just about everyday. There are very few people there. Usually just employees maybe a few police officers from Newport and Fort Thomas. I can take my time and figure out what I want to eat for the morning. First stop is produce. Sometimes I get grapefruit. Maybe some cut up pineapple. This morning I settled on a honeycrisp apple. Now on to protein. I chose Faye brand greek yogurt. (read my earlier blog about why I am a fan.) I also bought some oat bran which is a nice alternative to oatmeal which I won't eat. Oat bran is closer to Cream of Wheat, but healthier. Working the Fox19 morning news is fun but it's long. The only time to eat is on set or between commercial breaks. My early morning stop at Kroger is the best way to nourish myself through the show in a healthy way. It may seem crazy, but early 3.am grocery shopping is a nice way to ease into my day.

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