Friday, February 25, 2011

My love for the Shamrock Shake!

Good Friday Morning!

Dan Wells writing, I hope this note finds you well and in good spirits!

March certainly brings many changes, like daylight saving time, the first day of spring, and bars around the country dyeing their beers green in preparation for St Patty's Day. (my favorite holiday)

AND.....(drum roll please) in McDonald's outposts across the land, one little menu change sparks a fury that only nostalgia could produce.

I'm talking about the annual appearance of the Shamrock Shake, a minty-green beverage that's developed a cult following even bigger than the McRib's. (Rob loves these)

These shakes, as you can imagine are popping up all over the country, to the delight-and sometimes the disappointment-of customers, who can't get them.

I mentioned the Shamrock Shake to a couple of my coworkers they too remembered childhood sips.

The shake has gotten harder to come by since its 1970 inception, but the past few years have seen a resurgence to meet the demand of the masses, who've started online petitions, sent angry emails to corporate headquarters, and even started a Web site devoted to tracking Shamrock appearances.

Uncle O'Grimacey was the Irish uncle of Grimace, a lovable goof from the McDonaldland era. He's responsible for bringing Shamrock Shakes from Ireland to the United States and Canada every March, but since the 1990s he's been falling behind (and fallen out of existence, ad-wise).

The shakes started appearing only in select markets; for example, they were 86-ed from Cincinnati for a while, supposedly because of low demand. But, as was the case with the McRib, removing them from menus only made people want them more. Thanks to public outcry, the shakes are making a bigger comeback these days-and with a fancy makeover to boot.

According to USA Today, some McDonald's locations are topping shakes with whipped cream and a cherry. Others have switched from paper cups to the plastic cups they serve coffee drinks in.

At this hour, I am now embarking on an emotional roller coaster to locate Shamrock Shakes , here in the Tri-state. Let me know if you find it, and HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY...EARLY!

Dan Wells


  1. You can find the shamrock shakes at the McDonald's in Landen. They even top it with whip cream and a cherry.

  2. McDonalds in Alexandria KY, On 27, they have them the kids and I had them this past weekend.. YUMMY!!


  3. Florence Mall McDonalds has it. I am a managet there.