Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Opening Day Parade

I love opening day in Cincinnati.

Actually, I love it so much I took the next day off.
Hey everyone. Rob here.
Opening Day is really an unofficial holiday around here. Many people take the day off to cheer on the Reds. People who represent every corner of the tri-state come on out and come together. After last season, I'm sure the crowds will be even bigger this year. For decades, the first pitch was here in Cincinnati and we always open at home. For many of us at Fox19, we start Opening Day at Findlay Market. In fact that is probably the few times that Fox19 mornings and evenings come together. I get to see Tricia which is rare these days. It's nice since we anchored together for 4 years. Three on weekends and we actually started the morning show together. You also get to see those who watch your show. That part is really nice. The people who choose us instead of them. People who line the streets of Over-The-Rhine into downtown. It really is an awesome day that now is about a month away. This year is on a Thursday. We will see how it works. "Did I tell you I have the next day off?"

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