Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wedding Planning Continues

Wedding planning update: Church, check. Reception venue, check. Dress, check. Cake, flowers, check, check. Katy here… Good morning, it’s another month down until the big day! Actually Tuesday marked 7 months to the wedding, and I’m in full planning mode now! I’m actually surprised at how “organized” I’ve been so far. I put organized in quotations just because I know, and my fiancé Tom knows, I’m not the most organized person on a normal day. Big items that needed to be taken care of have been booked. I have my dress. Flowers and cake are taken care of. So lately it seems like I’ve stepped back to take a breath. But before I know it, I’ll be in a whirlwind again. It’s fun actually, to talk to a few of my girlfriends who are also getting married this year, but before me. We chit chat about each other’s planning. It’s nice because it gives me a heads up on what to expect come August/September. I always hear that the time goes by fast, and the big day will be here before you know it. I believe it, but I still can’t wait!

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