Monday, March 21, 2011

Italian's In The Sun

Good Morning Everyone, Frank Marzullo Here...Hope all is well? It has been awhile, a nice start to the first week of Spring, we have highs in the 70's. While this is perfect for us here in Cincinnati, I do miss the 80 to 85 degree weather I experienced for the past week. I had a chance to head down to Cape Coral, Florida which is located between Naples and Fort Myers. In fact behind Naples, Italy ... Cape Coral has the second largest amount of man-made canals. My parents recently became snow birds, leaving there snowy home in Cleveland for 2 months and heading south. They were proud and excited for there new condo so my dog Mr. Benson and I packed up the car and headed south. The drive south was not awful because I was pumped for the sun the drive back was a bit long. Mr. Benson and I made it to Atlanta after about a 6 1/2 hour drive on Friday and it was my first experience of sleeping in a hotel with my dog. The hotel was perfect however at 4am when he had to do his business it was a bit of a pain to get dressed and then go down 20 floors, come on Mr. Benson can you just hold it?? Then we traveled the rest of the way to sunny Florida, note to self: wear a hat or sunscreen on long drives in sunshine, the right side of my head looked like a lobster when I finally arrived. It was very restful to lay by the pool and sleep a lot. I was sad to leave but had a great time with my parents and ate a lot of good food.

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  1. Ok Frank we see your parents but where is the dog. You left him out of the pictures. :(