Monday, February 14, 2011


Marzullo Here...So last week as we were forecasting highs in the teens I decided to not shave until we hit 55 degrees, well guess what we hit it on Sunday. Yep, 57 degrees was the official high yesterday out at CVG. It only took a week of not shaving but even just 7 days and I am already itching. Now I have had mAdd Imageany people on facebook tell me that it is way to soon and I should change it to 60 or 70 degrees! I look at it this way, it warmed up because I decided not to shave, so you can thank my beard for the warm up! We did not hit 55 degrees until the first week of March last year, in fact this time last year we were in the middle of a cold snap. So stay tuned at 7:30am get ready for ground breaking television as I will shave LIVE on the air. I am a little nervous that I will cut myself so I may have little tissue pieces on my face by 8am! Get ready for 60 degrees by later this week.

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