Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Ideas!

Good Friday Morning....

I hope this note finds you guys well and in good spirits!

Today in my blog it's all about Valentines Day preps!

Whether you're looking for the perfect roses, the most decadent dessert, or just a one-of-a-kind way to say "I love you," flowers, cards, gifts, and sweet treats, it's all out there, but do you want to celebrate Valentine's Day in a different way?

If so I think I have some answers.

We've collected a bunch of unique ideas - special ways to show how much you care about your spouse, family members and friends you cherish.

Check it out and Happy Valentines Day!

- Heart-Felt Valentine's Meal

Make up a batch of heart-shaped pancakes for a Valentine's breakfast or brunch. Just pour the batter in the frying pan in a free-form heart shape and serve with strawberries and whipped cream.

- Balloon Goodies

Insert candy surprises into balloons before inflating them - add a folded-up Valentine's message then inflate each balloon. Tie with a red ribbon and attach to your loved one's chair for them to find Valentine's morning.

- Family Affair

Have the kids help you prepare red Jello with cinnamon hearts mixed in, mashed potatoes colored with pink food coloring, heart-shaped cookies and any other creative ways to present your Valentine's Day meal.

- The Gift of Time

Give a hand-made coupon for some work you can do to free-up some time for your spouse or parent. For example, a coupon good for cleaning Dad's garage or for a full-house vacuuming for your wife. How about a coupon for your best friend - you can walk her dog or baby sit one evening.

- Coupon Day

Each of you can create individual notes, say 4 or 6 each, to describe a special surprise - a back rub, a special meal, etc. - fold up the notes and toss them into a jar. You can take turns having fun plucking a coupon from the jar and doing what it says.

-Less Fortunate

Visit a hospital or chronic care home to pass out small Valentine surprises to the residents. They will enjoy the care and attention from something so unexpected.

-Valentine Sharing

Plan some community work - help out at the local shelter, volunteer at your local church, work with other volunteers to spread some caring amongst your community.

Anyway, I hope this is food for thought as the big "love" holiday approaches!

Have a great weekend - Dan

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