Monday, February 21, 2011

Heart Ball, Staying Alive

Good Morning Everyone, Frank Marzullo here ... Did you know that heart disease and stroke are the No. 1 and No. 4 causes of death in the country? The American Heart Association has been on a mission for more than 85 years to wipe out heart disease and this weekend that fight continued. The American Heart Association held it's 18th annual Heart Ball at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza Hotel. Over 400 people attended one of our city's premier social events of the season. For the second year in a row I was honored to host the event with my partner Katy Morgan. The theme of the evening brought usback into the 70's as disco and "Staying Alive" filled the room. It is fitting however, the theme was "Staying Alive". This year CPR celebrated 50 years of saving lives. Did you know that old 1977 Bee Gees hit could save someone’s life? Here’s why: that song has 103 beats per minute, a perfect number to maintain, and retain, the best rhythm for performing CPR. This tip helps rescuers keep the proper rate while doing CPR and it can help you too. Going too slow doesn't generate enough blood flow, and going too fast doesn't allow the heart to fill properly between compressions. Humming along with the Bee Gees is one way to stay on track. The evening was followed by the Heart Ball after party in the Hall of Mirrors at the Hilton. As co-chair of the Young Hearts Society, our goal is to continue to bring awareness of our countries number one killer, and to engage our cities young people in the cause. The dancing and fun continued into the early morning hours and fun was had by all.

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