Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sheila's Birthday

Today is Sheila's birthday.

Hello everyone. Rob here.

Today is Sheila's birthday. I don't have the best memory, and Sheila's family must be aware. In fact late last week, Sheila's daughter reminded me. Truthfully, I knew her birthday was February near the middle of the month. However, the exact day escaped me. My family and friends know that I am the gift card king. I love buying them. I love getting them. Some people say gift cards aren't personal enough. I say, "BALONEY." You can find gift cards for all sorts of stores, restaurants, even to movie theaters. I discovered during Christmas, that Kroger is the best place to buy them. They are all in one spot. There's no running from store to store. It is truly one stop shopping. The small gift bags with tissue paper can be bought from the very same rack. The special bonus I discovered this morning, double gas points. I now have 525 points. With gas hovering at $3 bucks a gallon, it's a nice gift. A win for Sheila and a win for me. I was also able to do some grocery shopping.

Happy birthday Sheila.

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