Monday, February 7, 2011

Now This Is Snow ...

Good Morning Everyone....Did you have a super SUPER BOWL weekend ? What a game, right? Many sleepy eyes I am sure this morning but way to go Packers!! So I wanted to show you a picture of some big time snow and it's just not one snow event. Now do not get me wrong, we have had our share of snow this year, just over 30 inches when we average about 23 inches a season. However, up at my parents house right now in Cleveland a good 15 inches of snow pack is on the ground, covering basically mailboxes and working up the trunks of trees. Unlike here in the Tri-State when snow melts and we see grass from time to time, you can tell from this picture you really do not see the grass until Spring when you head north. Mr. Benson was exhausted from running in it, funny part is there was a tad of ice on the surface of the snow and it made it more of a hard surface so he did not sink into the snow. He ran so much that he was fast asleep Saturday night.

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