Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Grocery Store Downtown?

I was walking downtown last week and stepped into Mayberry Foodstuffs.

It is downtown's newest grocery store.

I know most people hate grocery shopping. I don't. I enjoy shopping for food. In fact, I'm at the grocery store everyday. It is crazy I know.

Those living or working downtown have a new grocery option. Mayberry Foodstuffs was started by Josh Campbell who also has Mayberry's restaurant downtown. He calls it an urban grocery store and it is located on 7th Street near Main.

I loved it in the store. There's fresh baked bread and handmade deli sandwiches.

For a very small store, there's a large selection. Even fresh produce. It seems like the perfect place to visit before you head home from a busy day at the office. Whether you need a sandwich for lunch or be inspired for dinner, Mayberry foodstuffs may have to be on your radar.

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