Monday, September 5, 2011

No Turning Back

Happy Monday. Labor Day 2011!

Dan Wells writing, I hope this note finds you well and in good spirits.

< Check it out.

The papers have arrived. The check has been cashed. And these are not the postcards that my wife(a teacher)is sending to future students. This is for our student. It came in the mail today.

My daughter is going to school. In 9 days. On her birthday.

She could not have wished for a better birthday gift. She is so excited, she doesn't even know what to do with herself. After getting the postcard today, she has been running all over the house saying, 'I love you, Mrs. 'X' (her teacher), I can't wait to meet you!'

Am I happy for her excitement? For sure.

Especially considering child #2 is going to be the extreme opposite. We're gotta live it up while we can.

My wife and I are thrilled for her, for the new friends she is going to make, the knowledge she is going to gain, the fun she is going to have, and all the awesome experiences she is about to embrace.

But am I sad as ever? Absolutely. As much as she is going to miss her family (that is what I'm telling myself) while she's gone, I'm pretty sure she's going to love 'her' time in school.

So, lots to look forward too this fall season!

Have a great day

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