Monday, September 19, 2011

My Brothers Art Gallery

How was your weekend? Frank here...I was in Chicago for a wedding and has the chance to stop by and visit my brother, it was also my first time to see his art gallery, Pawn Works. My family and I stopped in here is my dad and brother Nick and I checking things out. If you have a love for art, especially street art and contempory you have to stop in and check his space out and maybe even buy something! Why not, right? My brother opened the gallery to give artisit a venue to be creative in the space to showcase there work and he is getting great pubilicty in Chicago and the country for turning his space quickly for each artisit. Currently on display is Brent Houzenga :: Remixed Remains. It is awesome show, the bright colors and street art feel works perfectly in the space. His work is centered in the middle of old window frames but the art jumps off from the piece onto the walls making the entire space a piece of art. If you would like to check it out when your in Chicago give my brother Nick, some love he is on Damen near Division street. His website is

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