Friday, September 16, 2011

I Want My Mummy

Good morning and happy Friday, Brad here….Bon fires, apple cider, candy corn and football. Just a few things that I enjoy about fall, but it also signals the end of one my favorite times of the year….concert season. Just when you think you’ve seen your last show of the season, HERE COME THE MUMMIES!
If you have never seen or heard of these guys you are missing out, big time!
Many of you know what a concert super freak I am, but this group is as crazy as it is good. Check that, phenomenal. There are over a dozen of them, wrapped in full mummy attire. I guess would describe them as a funk/rock/R&B group. Five horn players, two drummers, three guitars and a few front men.

So why do they dress up?
There are numerous rumors as to why they are “under wraps” and even that there are several Grammy awards among the members. It’s hard to say because you never, I mean never see them. Its believed the members of the band are under record label contracts and are hiding their identities to prevent contract disputes. They are from Nashville but tour world wide all year round. Whatever the case, I don’t care, the music is amazing and you won’t stop moving the entire night. If the costumes get to you, close your eyes and just listen. Honestly some of the greatest musicians I’ve ever heard.

Tonight the Mummies are playing at Bogarts in Clifton at 8pm, come check them out!.

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