Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finishing Touches

9 Days to go!! Good morning, Katy here, Happy Thursday! Ladies and Gentlemen… we’ve reached single digits! 9 days to go until the wedding! I can’t believe it’s almost here! My afternoons have become pretty busy lately, putting final touches on the wedding. From pictures to flowers, final dress fittings and band meetings, it’s all coming together! It’s funny how people tell you to enjoy every minute of being engaged, because it goes so fast. It’s true! I can’t believe it’s been 11 months already! Seems like yesterday that I was sitting next to Tracey during the Morning X, talking about getting engaged the night before. Time flies. And I know the wedding will fly by too, so I’m taking in every minute of it now through next weekend!
I’d say the only thing that will keep me on a rollercoaster ride between now and then will be the forecast! Being a meteorologist, I of course look at the long-range forecasts at least twice a day. It’s funny how I know the forecast will change every single time a new model run comes in, but I can’t help it! The bride in me is taking over the meteorologist in me. Sometimes we’ll get emails from brides-to-be asking about forecasts a couple weeks in advance, and I’ll do my best to explain what could happen, but stress that the forecast will change! I keep telling myself that, but it doesn’t stop me from looking at each model run coming in!
Between now and then, each day will be more exciting than the next … and overall, I just can’t WAIT to get married to my Fiancé on 10.22.11 !!

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