Friday, October 7, 2011

The Ides of March - Cincinnati Style

Good Morning - Dan Wells writing, I hope this note finds you well an in good spirit.

Metro Cincinnati is about to get its best national exposure as a film location for a pretty high-profile movie.

"The Ides of March," which opens today, is a presidential primary thriller starring George Clooney and Ryan Gosling and set in Ohio. Cincinnati and the suburbs provided some exteriors and many interiors for a drama saturated in the intrigue of back-room politics. Scenes were shot at local landmarks such as Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati and in the eclectic Northside neighborhood. Sites on the Miami University campus in Oxford also played a key role.

So will you see it? I want to, if only to see the Queen City at it finest.

In this latest movie from George Clooney - he co-stars, co-wrote and directed the picture. If you didn't know, the story is based on the play by Beau Willimon, who worked in political campaigns, it tells a story of politics as seen from the inside.

Here's a bit of the premise. The Ohio Democratic primary is a week away, and the nomination has come down to two candidates, one of whom is a liberal governor played by Clooney. He has two men leading his staff, - a midcareer war horse (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and a young brainiac (Ryan Gosling).

Gosling is apparently at the center of the movie, a sleek, tailored, self-assured young man, clearly shrewd and capable enough to handle anything, from logistics to strategy to media relations.

Critics say "The Ides of March" has an effective opening, sags in the middle, then comes back strong in the last half hour. The shifts and turns of the film have all to do with the various political machinations of the characters - including Paul Giamatti at his feral best as the opposing candidate's manager.

Ok, there's no point in revealing any more of the movie or reviews here. I want to see it, so should you and what a perfect night to do it! Happy Friday!


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