Monday, October 24, 2011

You Know You're Old When....

Your leaving a wedding and your in the car and you think it's 2am, because your body is so tired from having a blast, but then you realize it's only 11pm. That is exactly what happened Saturday night at Katy Morgan's wedding. What a wonderful afternoon, the weather was perfect, and the couple even more perfect. The ceremony was held at The Westin downtown so the venue was perfect overlooking Fountain Square. The bad news is that many people on Fountain Square had a front row seat to the Morning News Dance Party, that took place. During the past two weeks, the morning team with Tracey as our leader, met in a secret room here at the FOX19 compound. We met with our dance instructor and put together a flash mob dance to the modern day hit Party Rock Anthem. The funny thing, when we all started to dance others in the room jumped in to rock it out and kinda of got in our way. The video will be on our Facebook Page, and you will see that Rob met a new friend, she is the lady with the the champaign bottle, and is not a member of the FOX19 Team! haha I think we really surprised our friend and co-worker Katy and her new husband Tom. I have also included a picture of the bride and groom leaving church.

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